Adventures in Black Dragon – SOOC

I’ve got no destination for you today, but instead something a bit different.

I’d been hearing around the grid and on Plurk about a Second Life viewer called Black Dragon that was amazing at taking pictures.  As I’ve been having a problem with crashing when I cam around while using my Firestorm viewer, I decided to give it a try.  The pictures here have had no editing, other than reducing the size.SOOC Black Dragon 1I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to take pictures at a much higher resolution before crashing and the clarity is outstanding compared to my usual raw shots. I was able to produce an image with only Windlight settings that I usually need a couple editing steps in Photoshop to achieve.SOOC Black Dragon 2The UI is very different from both the SL and FS viewers and really takes some exploring to find the settings and functions.  I also wasn’t very happy with the way the snapshot interface defaults back to its main menu after each shot, requiring me to choose where the picture will be saved.  There may be a toggle somewhere for that, but I wasn’t able to find one.SOOC Black Dragon 3I’ll be experimenting with the Black Dragon viewer over the next week on avatar pictures as well, but it is definitely my go-to viewer now for SL “photography”.

Kairo Sig - Dragon

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Black Dragon – SOOC

  1. I downloaded Black Dragon but after going through the preferences, haven’t tried to log in with it. As you mentioned, a lot of the preferences just aren’t there that I want. Not sure if it would be better or more frustrating to swap between viewers to do photos.


    • For spur of the moment pics with friends, FS is still adequate. I usually plan when I go on photo safaris or do profile pics, so for me it works out to switch between the two. I am curious though (especially since I follow your blog/Flickr and love your images) what preferences are missing in Black Dragon?


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