Gimme the Mic!, Part 2

Last month, I spotlighted a couple poetry clubs, Rhythm & Rhyme Lounge and DP’s Spoken-Word Speakeasy.  I’d like to share two more of the locations that are members of the Gimme the Mic! Spoken Word Syndicate.Flowetic 1The first one is Flowetic, co-owned by the husband and wife team of Blackfetish Keng and JamiaKhyrie Resident.Flowetic 2Its a visually stunning venue and currently, there is an open mic contest every Saturday at 6 pm SLT.  Mr. Keng stated future plans for the site include expanding to include many forms of vocal artistry.Blue Angel 1The second site is one of the oldest (at least in my memory) poetic venues in Second Life, the Blue Angel Poets’ Dive.  Now in a new home in the Lanestris sim, which is most notable for being host to the Virtual Chelsea Hotel.  Blue Angel 2While the pieces offered are varied in styles, visually the Blue Angel setting showcases another side of spoken word, the vibe of the 50’s and 60’s Beat scene or New Bohemian movement.  Sangreal Arnica hosts the Angel’s open mic nights at 5 pm on Sundays which usually features a themed contest.

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