Rio Grande

I logged into Second Life this morning to find a message from the owner of Amazon River, one of the regions I did a post on during my spotlight of roleplaying sims last month.Rio Grande 4Wild Sparrow (YT Recreant) wanted to let me know that they had expanded their region and now included an area portraying the Rio Grande.  Not only was I excited that someone had actually gotten in touch with me to come explore, but I also remembered the original sim and how beautifully constructed it was.Rio Grande 3From the landing point, I boated over to this little shack on the river while keeping an eye out for those wily, boat-attacking crocodiles.  I was able to follow a path from there to some ruins where I was surprised with an IM from the sim owner!Rio Grande 1We chatted a bit about the region and its roleplay:

Wild Sparrow (YT Recreant): it is only very light RP – i moderate nearly nothing,so the area is really suitable for explorers that want to hang out, as well as for those who want some immersive roleplay – and i msut say, it works just fine.

Rio Grande 2We also touched a bit on what went into the region’s construction:

Wild Sparrow (YT Recreant): as for the technical part, i tried to avoid sculpts wherever possible so the scenes load fast as all is in mesh and similar if not same texture used very frequently.

There are quite a few other stunning areas to explore in the new expansion.  If you’re interested in the roleplay aspect, there are notecards available at the landing point.  You can see more about the Amazon River sim on my original post here.

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