Taure Ru, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a general overview in Part 1 of my look at the medieval fantasy roleplay sim of Taure Ru.  Today I’m going to to discuss some of the options you have in the character building structure.

Taure Ru 4When deciding on your character in any roleplay or MMO, one of the first choices is usually “race”, then you pick from at the least two and at the most, maybe eight.  But in Taure Ru, you have the option of almost 80 different choices.  There are humanoid races (various types of elves, halflings or gnomes), barbaric races (such as the standard orcs or trolls and even as exotic as lamia, harpies, or minotaurs), natural races (for example Fae, Sirens, Elementals or Sidhe), undead/supernatural (Vamps/Lycans of course, but also zombies, golems and djinn), and also animal races that can be non-speaking roles (critters, beasts, magical beasts and dragons).Taure Ru 3Once you’ve settled on what you want to be, you need to decide what you want to do with a Guild.  These seem to be the standard options that you’d find in most fantasy-genre MMOs:  Bards, Mages/Witches, Healers (Cleric/Shaman/Druid), Templars, Regiment ((Warriors/Rangers/Cavaliers), Rogues and an interesting inclusion of Samurai/Spellsword/Arcane Archers.Taure Ru 5You can flesh out your character even more by choosing a Faction.  These can be political, which seem determined mostly by race, business-oriented or an extra faction, simply called The Place.

This is the closest I’ve seen a roleplaying group in Second Life get to many of the MMO/RPG’s I grew up on (Dragonrealms, Guild Wars, etc.).  If you like these kinds of games and are interested in looking into something similar in SL, this is the one I’d definitely encourage anyone to check out!

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