Taure Ru, Part 1

My next stop on this week’s spotlight on roleplaying sims really took me by surprise.  Not only is the playing area simply stunning in its detail and beauty, but the world-building of the roleplay parameters is extensive!

Taure Ru 1Taure Ru is a mature (age 18+) Medieval Fantasy roleplay with its roots in standards such as Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons.  Taure Ru 2At the landing point, you can get the notecards explaining the roleplay history, sim/RP rules and the options available for character building, such as Races, Guilds, and Factions.  I’ll discuss those choices in a bit more detail in Part 2 of this post tomorrow.Taure Ru 6 If you’d like to explore a bit before committing to join the story or wish to take pictures, they do request that you wear an Observer tag.  There is also a notecard at the landing point that gives LMs so you can take a “virtual tour” of the different areas.

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