Since SecondLife was a pain in the ass for me last week (and most of this week), I don’t have many new pictures or destinations ready to post today.  So I decided to answer the questions I’ve been asked, “How did you do…?” and share a couple of my “go-to” resources for the techniques and textures I use in my landscape pictures.

I’m a self-taught photoshopper that began from wanting to take my real life photography to another level artistically.  I googled websites, used tips and tricks from Flickr groups and even bought a how-to “for dummies” book.

One of the most important things I learned (after making sure you had a good raw shot), was layers can be my best friend.  Making a copy of your base shot and then playing with layer styles, artistic filters and opacity can completely change the effect of your image.

Using a textured layer over your picture (then playing with the layer style/opacity) will also make a huge difference to its final outcome.  I can spend sometimes up to an hour adjusting and shifting sliders on a single image until it looks right to me.

I get most of my textures from Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations.  Several years ago, he used to be known as skeletalmess or ghostbones on Flickr, but now he provides individual and packs of textures through his website.  Rita at The CoffeeShop Blog is also a wonderful source for textures, templates, and actions.  Both of these sources have areas for free items and tutorials, but they also have links if you’d like to donate a few bucks (hint, hint).

So there you have it, in just a couple short paragraphs, the bulk of what I do to my Second Life landscape pictures.  The techniques are easy-peasy, the rest just relies on my own judgement of what I think looks good and practice, practice, practice.

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