Fantasy Faire, Part 3

I’ve spent the first part of this week on the different shopping and roleplaying sims to be found at the Relay for Life event, Fantasy Faire.

The teleport into Asperatus lands you in the center of a giant airship in the clouds.  Zoom out to see it all, its pretty incredible.

AsperatusThe next sim, Wiggenstead Mooring, was my overall favorite and you really need to go see it to appreciate its beauty.  I was again having rezzing issues, so I just made the best of it with my picture.

Wiggenstead Mooring  And for my final stop, I found myself at the Palace of Tears.

Palace of TearsMy final thoughts on this year’s Fantasy Faire are that even if you don’t roleplay or dress in fantasy-esque type costumes, spend the time to go explore the sims.  The amount of work that was dedicated to these builds must have been incredible and it shows through with the thought and detail that are incorporated.

You can visit my previous posts on the sims of Fantasy Faire 2014 here:  Part 1 and Part 2.

You can read more about Fantasy Faire and its sponsors on their website.

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