Fantasy Faire, Part 2

I’m spending the first part of this week on the different shopping and roleplaying sims to be found at the Relay for Life event, Fantasy Faire.

Today’s first sim was one of my visual favorites, The Faery Court.

The Faery CourtMy next stop was Heavenslough, from which you can see the gorgeous tree with the hanging lights.HeavensloughThe next two pictures was when I started having issues rezzing things in.  For some reason, I just could not get the structure shown here from Hope’s Horizon to rez anything more than its shape.  So I made lemonade with a very dark pic and layering textures over the top.Hopes HorizonI crashed three different times trying to get this picture of Medhir Woods.

Medhir Woods

The final post will be up tomorrow and you can visit Part 1 here.

You can read more about Fantasy Faire and its sponsors on their website.

sign white on black


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