Fantasy Faire, Part 1

I had seen a few of the pictures that other bloggers had posted about the RFL event, Fantasy Faire and I knew I wanted to get over there to do some pictures of my own.

What I didn’t realized was that the event covers eleven (ELEVEN) sims!!!  My plan was to show a pic from each sim, but I don’t like to overload each post with a lot of images.  So my Fantasy Faire tour in pictures will be split into three posts.

The main TP puts you into Fairelands Junction, a small island surrounded by woodsy burrows labeled with the other sim names to be used as teleports.  Or you can take the easy way out and use the teleportation scroll.

Fairelands JunctionI chose to visit the sims in the order they were listed on the teleportation scroll which put me in Sanctum next:SanctumI wanted to get all the pictures at one time, so I didn’t wander and visit all the vendors.  I’ll try to schedule some time for that later in the week.

The next stop was at Blackwater Glenn:

Blackwater GlennI really hope I got the right sim names with the pictures.  I kept crashing after every couple of pictures, so I’m not positive they saved to my hard drive in the right order.

The final picture for Part 1 is from Mourningvale Thicket:

Mourningvale ThicketYou can read more about Fantasy Faire and its sponsors on their website.

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