La Perla-Old Italy

La Perla 1La Perla-Old Italy in FuriZona is a depiction of an adorable Italian seaside village and has some fantastic little niches that would make great backdrops for pics.La Perla 4

The courtyard shown below, reminds me of the one from Under the Tuscan Sun, one of the few (okay, three) chick flicks I like and actually own on DVD.La Perla 2

I found these little guys tucked away near a fence and were so adorable, I had to include a pic.  Squirrel!La Perla 3

I realized when looking in my drafts folder that all my posts for this week reflect RL places:  the American Old West from yesterday’s Gehenna Crossing and today we visit Italy. The other two drafts I have ready to publish are from Germany and Japan (yay, Asia again).

In addition to my Flickr pages, I’ve also resurrected all my social media accounts for Second Life:  Twitter, Facebook and Plurk.  I’ll get these added to my “Who?” page, as well as listing them here.  Gimme a click and a follow!

Flickr:  Slice blog
Flickr:  Kairo Lange (I’ve not used this for much lately except profile pics for myself and friends)

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