SOOC – Happy Mood

Happy Mood 7I was over at the Seasons Story event and one of the vendors had this cute little weasel running about on its kiosk.  Upon inspecting it, I noticed it was from Happy Mood, another place I visited many years ago and hadn’t been back recently. Happy Mood 4Upon teleporting in, I found not only vendors, but a wonderful little fantasy forest.  After I picked up a few sets of grasses and bushes, I started exploring and realized this would be an awesome place from another Straight Out Of the Camera post.

Happy Mood 3Funny enough, I got so sidetracked capturing all of the scenery for this post, I completely forgot to look for that weasel!  Later as I was resizing the pictures, the vignettes reminded me of the American artists, Thomas Kincade

Happy Mood 5As with the previous SOOC exercises, the ONLY editing I did to the pictures was reducing them from the size I shoot in SL (4000×3500) down to a 1024 size manageable for the blog and Flickr.   There’s been no cropping, no liquifying, no adjusting contrast or color balances or any of the other Photoshop tools I use on a regular basis. You can find more of my SOOC series by clicking the link at the top of the page. 

Happy Mood 1If you’d be interested in joining me in my SOOC journey, I’d love for you to put links to your blog post or Flickr in the comments so I can check the pictures out!

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