Rhythm and Rhyme Lounge

RnR LogoIn the category of “things I love to do in SL other than take pretty pictures” is to make sure I’m at the Rhythm & Rhyme Lounge every Wednesday night at 6pm (SLT).  MajesticAlliteration, the owner, has recently changed the format from “love and war” to an open-mic night called, “Mic Up”, that features some of the best slam poetry in Second Life.

Majestic and Dp 1Majestic and her co-host, DP Xue, are accomplished artists in this form, but also have a great dynamic to fill-in between the performers.  All types of spoken-word have been welcomed to the new format, including singers.

DPs speakeasyAny one looking for the “Love and War” event can find it re-titled to “Mad Mondays” at DP Xue’s new place, DP’s Spoken Word Speak-Easy, on Mondays at 6pm.

Majestic and DP have also co-founded a new group called “Gimme the Mic Spoken Word Syndicate” where member lounge owners and/or poetry hosts can announce in-world events in a single forum.

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5 thoughts on “Rhythm and Rhyme Lounge

  1. Love it! And Bubbles is right, I am all warm n fuzzy inside. Thanks heaps, bundles and a whole lot for the wonderful write up, I appreciate it and I know DP Xue appreciates it as well. It is a great feeling when our art form is discovered, recognized, and appreciated.


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