Night Out

Looking back over the posts I’ve done so far, it occurs to me I’ve somewhat pigeon-holed myself into posting about places with interesting scenery or art installations.  My original intent for this blog was to present a variety of Second Life activities.  When my sister Bubbles (she’s on the left in the picture, ain’t she cute?) wanted to go check out a club last weekend and needed a wing-woman, I figured it would make a good exploration post and shimmied into a Saturday-night dress.

Anaconda 1It turns out that it was more than just a club.  Anaconda is an adult-oriented sim with a nightclub, clothing-optional beach and roleplay.  Its a members-only club, requiring that you join their group and pay a fee.  There are usually a few times during the week that they go “tagless” and allow the public to come check things out.  The two DJs I got to hear played a fantastic mix of hip-hop and reggae.  I’ll definitely go back again, just to enjoy the music.

Anaconda 2I didn’t get to explore any of the other areas that night, but I did cam around on the ground and saw some beautiful beach areas.  The notices I’ve received in the days since joining the group indicate that they often have more than one DJ scheduled at the same time, playing in different areas of the sim.  So while Bubbles and I were enjoying the hip-hop, there was also some romantic R&B tunes spinning elsewhere.

Overall, it was a great night and well-worth the group fee and I’m looking forward to checking out some of the other areas soon.

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