SOOC – Childhood

Childhood 1Last week, I began a series of Straight Out Of the Camera shots of Second Life.  SOOC-Roche turned out to be a definite learning experience of Firestorm’s  viewer.  I tried the new one that was released last week and crashed every time I attempted to take a snapshot to disk at the size I normally used with the settings I used in the older viewer.  It had to go.

Childhood 2So the images I took last week were on the older viewer and I know in the Second Life snapshot preview pane, there was more “width” because things I know I included in the scene were cut out.  Something for me to keep in mind.

Childhood 3Certain things about using an SOOC image just about killed me:  hard line horizons, visible lines when moving to different ground surfaces and objects, pointy tree branches, and prims cutting into other objects.  I was like a junkie with the shakes for a Photoshop fix.

This week, I re-visited another sim I was pleasantly surprised to see was still around since my voluntary vacation from SL…Mysterious Wave.  It had been restyled since my last visit with an installation called Childhood, by Cherry Manga.

Childhood 5I can already see the difference this exercise is having on how I position a shot and I’m having such fun exploring the many different Windlight settings available.   As like last week, the ONLY editing I did to the pictures was reducing them from the size I shoot in SL (4000×3500) down to a 1024 size manageable for the blog and Flickr.   There’s been no cropping, no liquifying, no adjusting contrast or color balances or any of the other Photoshop tools I use on a regular basis.

If you’d be interested in joining me in my SOOC journey, I’d love for you to put links to your blog post or Flickr in the comments so I can check the pictures out!

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