The Inevitability of Fate

The Inevitibility of Fate 1I visited the Cariacou sim yesterday and found The Inevitability of Fate art installations by Rose Borchovski.  The first image immediately caught my eye at the landing point, since “when pigs fly” is a long-used phrase by my mother.  Another set was this woman at the edge of the platform, which alternated between a living, flowing entity and one that looked to be made of stone.

The Inevitibility of Fate 2Then I TP’d down to the area for the story of Angry Beth and Lot, two childhood friends that are separated by a war.  As you move into the first area, you receive a folder of items you can wear and sit on tear-shaped poseballs to become part of the scene.  The story starts with happier times of their childhood memories before the war comes.

Beth and Lot 4Eyes watch you wherever you go and you’re prompted to put on a yellow ribbon as you move around the giant centerpiece of an anguished woman.

Beth and Lot 1The path became somewhat muddled and I’m not sure I hit all the areas, but the scene I ended with was via a TP up in the air to a darkened hidey-hole.

Beth and Lot 2Open sided boxes, like elementary school dioramas, held more eyes watching and black and white pictures.  One which really struck me was of a young child with a machine gun.

Beth and Lot 3I’m not an art connoisseur and 9 times out of 10, I’ll get the artist’s intentions of a piece way wrong or not pick up on a deeper meaning.  I’ve read about the other intricacies of this piece, but I don’t want to divulge them here so as not to spoil the experience for any one else.   Superficially, the piece gives the impression of WWII, The Holocaust and The Diary of Anne Frank and I was left with such a feeling of overall sadness.

The striking visuals, the audio that plays along with each scene, the poseballs and the items given make this a highly interactive installation and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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