Mad City Breakdown

Sometimes, I land in a sim and a story scenario just starts to form…

Mad City 1 It was just one of those days.  The classic convertible, while stylish, wasn’t much for reliability.  Of course it had to have one of it’s breakdowns when I was in the city at sunset.  Most sensible people were already indoors.

Mad City 2When my luck goes south, its almost always for the record books, so of course it starts to rain bucket-loads…and me without a coat or umbrella.  I had never been in this part of town before and I had that feeling on my neck like I was being watched.   The only sign of life on the deserted street came from what appeared to be a club down towards the corner.  Begging help from strangers isn’t usually the wisest course, but I was soaked to the skin and had no choice.

To be continued…

Hair:  Truth – Lovers, light blonde
Dress:  ColdLogic – Manzo, pink
Shoes:  Gos – Grace sandles, gold snake

Photos taken at Mad City on Da Vinci Isle.

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